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Utu’s production is based in Portugal, home to a long crafts tradition. Skilled craftsmen bring to shape our designs using traditional production techniques in a close relationship between the design and production teams that results in meticulous production methods and quality control that give special attention to details.

A deep knowledge of materials’ features, the possibilities they offer, and our rich crafts heritage are at the core of our design process. Rooted in that profound knowledge, our design team develops highly creative contemporary products that are balanced, resistant, functional and durable. The precise and laborious work of lacquered metal, the careful shaping of solid wood, the patient marble carving, the sculpting of noble metal such as brass and copper, and the delicate work of glass, all with rich tradition in Portugal, are put to use to produce our lamps collection.

Our products are carefully handmade one by one by experienced craftsmen in a production balanced between state-of-the-art processes and handmade details granting each luminaire a special one-of-a-kind feeling.

Utu partners with prestigious Design Studios to create new products that bridge our brand’s values and the designers' individuality in fresh and edgy proposals.


A relation of close collaboration with the universe of architects, interior and lighting designers led us to the creation of a versatile collection. A wide range of different finishes allow endless custom finish combinations for each product. Each product can thus be tailor made according to the needs and aesthetics of each project.

Highly focused on contract projects, we offer original quality products and a professional team ready to collaborate with professionals worldwide whenever a custom solution is needed.

For each product developed, the materials are carefully chosen and quality is closely controlled to assure the best finishing, resistance and durability.  All electric components comply with the best European practices, being selected from a wide range throughout Europe.

We work collaboratively to design, experiment, develop and produce unique products that are timelessly evolving through our range of colours and finishes. 

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